Side Mosquito Screens With Square Guide 2 Spring D


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Made-to-measure Lateral Spring Insect Screens With Low Floor Guide - Quality Factory Online Prices And Easy To Install
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Mosquito net with spring winding and horizontal sliding with 2 doors suitable for Windows and French Doors, with 50mm roller box. The maximum size of the box including the upper and lower hooking caps is 55 mm.The mosquito net is equipped with:- a Priority door equipped with a standard handle and a secondary one equipped with a ratchet to block the door- Low square guide on the floor 2cm high (see image).ATTENTION: This mosquito net model is REVERSIBLE; this means that, during the installation of the boxes, you can decide the position of the box of the Main door (with handle) and of the secondary door (with ratchet).OPTIONALS:- WINDING SLOWER (also called Clutch, it is a retractable system that allows you to slow down the winding of the mosquito net in closing mode). MOSQUITO NET MEASUREMENTSDETECTION AND ENTRY OF MEASURES FOR THE ORDERThe measurements that will be entered in the fields must always be expressed in millimetres.Example:Measurement Taken with Metro Measurement to Insert 1 meter 1000mm 50cm 500mm The measures that will be entered in the fields are called: FINISHED MOSQUITO NET MEASUREMENTSATTENTION: NEVER enter the measurements taken between walls or between marbles - you risk not being able to install the mosquito netHow to obtain the FINISHED MEASURES:In the most common cases, the measurements that are taken are those between the walls or between the marbles both in Width and in Height;To obtain the FINISHED MEASURE, it will be necessary to subtract -3 mm from the measured measurement (Height and Width)Example:Width height Measurement taken: 1.2 meters = 1200 mm Measurement taken: 2.3 meters = 2300 mm Finished size: 1200 mm - 3mm: 1197 mm Finished size: 2300 mm - 3mm: 2297 mm 1197 mm will be the measure to insert in the editable Width field2297 mm will be the measure to be entered in the editable Height fieldUlteriori informazioni su questo testo di originePer avere ulteriori informazioni sulla traduzione è necessario il testo di origineInvia commentiRiquadri lateraliCronologiaSalvateContribuisci

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